Why you should get Actionetics! Bundle and Save on Actionetics

Why You Should Get Actionetics

Actionetics is built into the Etison suite of ClickFunnels.

Now, do you need to use actionetics and the answer is no.

Is it a benefit to be able to use it, and I would say the answer is yes because it is completely integrated.

It’s native to Click Funnels.

What that means to you is as you’re putting your funnel together at any phase of the funnel, when someone takes a particular action, you have the ability to add them to list within Actionetics.

Actionetics works on the basis of you having contacts.

Those contacts are put into list. And then with your list, you’re able to put an action plan into place.

These action plans can be triggered when someone hits that particular list and it can start right away.

One of the beauties of Actionetics as well as that you have the opportunity when someone completes a particular action plan for them to then move into a next phase or a another list and another action plan.

So this makes tracking a very, very simple. Also, when we talk about tracking, you have the ability to look at a particular contact and know where they’re at within the action plan and the actions that they’ve taken, open rates, those types of things.

Now in other videos, I’ll also touch upon this. Actionetics in and of itself does not send the emails.

Think of it as the trigger point that is going to fire off your messages or your emails.

You’ll need some sort of SMTP server for the handoff to occur.

Some of the other systems that you can work with. Sendgrid would be one that we’d recommend for you to be able to set that up.

Actionetics BundleSo Actionetics is built-in. Completely native to the platform on clickfunnels with the Etison Platform. It’s actually worth it.

Actionetics is ClickFunnels’ marketing automation platform that seamlessly integrates with your sales funnel to offer them dynamic automation actions on the fly.

Actionetics boasts not only of the ability to create and send autoresponder e-mails, but is wise enough to be able to be able to bucket, respond and act based upon action funnels setup.

With making use of Actionetics as your marketing automation tool, you will be getting a seamless connection between your marketing communications and your funnels.

Actionetics Pricing

For a premium service, Actionetics is generally budget friendly.

With ClickFunnels alone, you can get it at $97/month. However if you decide to upgrade for $297/month, you get the entire suite of tools that includes Actionetics plus Backpack which is ClickFunnels’ own affiliate marketing management tool.

Both of these tools work complementary to ClickFunnels.

With just $297/month you get ClickFunnels’ full suite packed with great functions to gear you up and help you put your sales funnel marketing into a whole new dimension.

Actionetics saves you from the have to sign up for another e-mail automation service.

This will then save you from various overwhelming jobs like importing contacts you gathered from your funnels into the 3rd party email tool, attempting to include your 3rd party tool to your sales funnel tool, or segmenting all of your email lists individually.

All these difficult tasks can cut your time and performance in half, time that you might utilize to more essential and pushing sales and marketing procedures.

What makes Actionetics more amazing is that this can work flawlessly with ClickFunnels since this is an integrated platform. It indicates that online marketers will be getting the possibility to get rid of the remainder of the marketing automation tools and just upgrade their subscription in ClickFunels to get Actionetics as well as all the wonderful functions that feature it.

Why is it cool to have a native integration with ClickFunnels?

This is because it lets you engage and communicate with your consumers and potential customers through your funnels and pages concurrently. It permits you to take your client engagement to a much higher level.

I’m also going to share it in another video, how I was able to save the amount of money that I was spending on another solution.

I was able to cut back on that solution, move the solution over and I created a solution within actionetics and then do away with the expense.

So the system actually ended up paying for itself because I was able to use it for this and others, and I’ll cover that in a future video as well.

So if you’ve got any questions about Actionetics or if you’re even wondering what Click Funnels is, the system, there’s a link here near this video.

Go ahead and click on that. You’ll also be able to find information over at our Facebook Group, Affiliate Program Experts – go ahead and search for that group.

Let me know when you’ve joined.

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Why You Should Get Actionetics